Pistachio cupcakes

2 Jul

I made these for a family get together. They were a hit. They’re very simple, especially if you already have a cupcake recipe you love, but they’re different and very tasty.

What you’ll need

1/2 cup crushed pistachios per 12 cupcakes*

1/2 cup icing (I used buttercream and tinted it a light green)

Plus 1 tablespoon for garnish

I used my no mixer cupcake recipe.

*The next time I make these I’ll probably roast the nuts first. It brings out the flavour in the nuts and the crispier texture would go better in the cupcakes

After making your cupcake mixture, fold in half a cup of crushed pistachios. Fill and bake cupcakes as normal. I made these cupcakes with a plain buttercream but I think a white chocolate ganache would go nicely as well. Pipe on your icing and sprinkle with more nuts.

The pistachios add a wonderful texture while still keeping the cupcakes moist and fluffy. If you love pistachios, try my pistachio macaron recipe.


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